• What is Free Flow Bike?

    Free Flow is a subscription. It lets you get a bike from a local bike shop, at a fraction of the retail price.

  • Better Biking

    A Free Flow subscription means that your bike is yours for as long as you want. You don't have to return it to stations or worry about someone taking it from where you park it. 

    Your bike will always work and will always be there when you need it.

    We promise.

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  • Security & Protection

    Along with a provided smartlock, we use encrypted GPS check-ins and radio transpondence to make sure that your bike is secure. Our notification system also sends reminder emails if it notices your bike hasn't moved in a while.

    We don't take theft lightly and are committed to recovering your bike in the event it is stolen.

    Please see our Theft Protection page for more details.

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  • Single Point of Contact

    Everything from ordering, to payment, to security, to scheduling is managed by Free Flow. We give our affiliate shops instructions for preparing and maintaining your bike, and everything else is managed through the Free Flow Bike program.

    Whether it's a stolen bike, changing your payment method, or just rescheduling maintenance—we're the first response for every element of your subscription.
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What Does a Subscription Get Me?

A Bike

Pick the style and type suited to you: road bike, hybrids, fat-tires (maybe even, ELECTRIC?)—we'll continue adding models and partners as we continue to expand.

A Lock

Heavy duty, alarmed and armed. In addition to the security hardware outfitted with your bike, our lock is the first and best defense you can have.


Ride whenever you want, park wherever you want, do whatever you want.

Pause your subscription at anytime and reactivate on your terms, no deposit or start payment.


Swap between bikes, between shops, and between locations.

If you decide you want to buy your bike, you can cycle out of the program.

A Security Plan

We provide the tech to protect your bike and prevent it from getting stolen. And if it does get stolen, we'll get it back.

And if we can't get it back, we'll make sure you get a new one ASAP.

Awesome Service

Get in touch with us when there are any questions or concerns about your bike, your subscription, or really anything you don't think is perfect about what we do. We're here for you and can't wait to help!

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