• Better Biking

    A Free Flow subscription means that your bike is yours for the length of your subscription. You don't have to return it to stations or worry about someone else taking it from where you choose to park it. 

    And, if you really like your bike and decide to purchase it from the shop, part of your subscription is already applied to the cost of your purchase!
  • Security and Protection

    Along with a provided smartlock, we use encrypted GPS check-ins and radio transpondence to make sure that your bike is secure. Our notification system also sends reminder emails if it notices your bike hasn't moved in a while.

    We don't take theft lightly and are committed to recovering your bike in the event it is stolen.

    Please see our Theft Protection page for more details.

  • Single Point of Contact

    Everything from ordering, to payment, to security, to scheduling is managed by Free Flow. We give our affiliate shops instructions for preparing and maintaining your bike, and everything else is managed through the Free Flow program.

    Whether it's a stolen bike, changing your payment method, or just rescheduling maintenance—we're the first response for every element of your subscription.

Why Free Flow Bikes?


Traveling is simpler on a Free Flow bike, it's less hassle to find parking than a car, and it's always precisely where you need it.


Your bike subscription isn't limited by time, available docking stations, arbitrary fees, or annual membership programs.


Each bike comes with a smartlock, radio transponders, and GPS coordinate reporting to prevent theft and recover stolen bikes.


Our affiliate shops rent top-quality, well-maintained bikes with new parts backed by the original manufacturer.


Cycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions more than any electric vehicle, and sturdy yet lightweight bikes can be reused until they're responsibly recycled.


Riding a bike encourages daily exercise, is more attainable than going to a gym, reduces obesity and boosts immunity.