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The Mongoose Malus 26-inch fat tire bike has arrived to save you from the doldrums and put a smile on the faces of all those you pass by. Built with 4 1/4-inch tires (earning the name fat) on a supersized beach cruiser frame and there is plenty of clearance to make it rideable on virtually any terrain. Plus, the Malus has 7-speeds with a Shimano rear derailleur and front and rear disc brakes so it still has its vein of practicality. Fat tires are all the rage and the Malus is a great bike to add to your stable, and to get out there and have a little fun on.

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Fitness, simplified FX offers a best-of-both-worlds combination of road bike speed and city bike versatility. It’s the perfect fitness hybrid bike, and so much more. FX is fast, fun, comfortable, and agile enough for a multitude of uses. From fitness and commuting to errands and mellow Sunday loops, you’ll find your new favorite ride on FX.

Trek FX (2017)
From Free Flow


Ready to ride whenever you are thanks to dependable shifting and high-quality components, the Verza Speed 50 is rugged, versatile and pure fun. The bike is built with a flat road handlebar for confident handling and an aluminum frame and fork that are both durable and lightweight. Grab your Verza Speed 50 and go for your commute, workout or cruise around town. It’s the perfect bike for any occasion.


Ready when you are. Thanks to dependable shifting and high-quality components, this bike takes our recommendation for the value bike category.

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