​What is a bike subscription?

It's exactly what it sounds like: a bike and everything you need to ride it, priced out in monthly increments. This includes a bike from a local shop, maintenance from that same shop, security hardware and a thick smartlock, and a team working 24/7 to deter thieves and reduce theft. 

​How do I reserve a bike?

 Check out the bikes in the Free Flow Library and find a style and size that works for you. Then, go through our booking process and put at least one payment method on file so we can give you some appointment windows when you can pick up your bike from the shop. 

​What happens if my bike is stolen?

If your bike is stolen, fill out a Missing Bike Report as soon as possible so we can begin the process of recovering it. (With the security hardware we embed in each bike, it will likely let us know that it has been stolen before you do, but this isn't an excuse to not report it.) After we've gathered as many details as possible, we'll dispatch our recovery team and notify local law enforcement. We charge a Recovery Fee whenever a bike is stolen or goes missing, but that fee is returned (whole or in part) when we recover your bike. Whether or not we recover your bike, as soon as the Recovery Fee is paid we will have a replacement bike ready and waiting at the bike shop.   

​Are there any fees besides my monthly subscription?

There are some special cases where we have to charge fees and they're all listed here (also outlined in your final Subscription Agreement):

 Damage (Excess Wear & Tear) Cost of repairs
Missing/Misplaced Bike Recovery Fee (based on # months into subscription)
 Missing/Misplaced Lock $200/Lock
 Missing/Misplaced Key $15/Key
 Failure to Use Lock No less than $1000
 Failure to Report Theft No less than $1000
Tampering with Hardware No less than $1000

​What does Free Flow do?

Free Flow brings complex logistics together under one umbrella. We build relationships with local bike shops, so when someone comes to the Free Flow Marketplace we can step in and act as an agent to bundle a subscription and support services for them at a lower price than would be possible when buying everything separately. We also provide all the tools that bike shops need to put their inventory in motion immediately.  

​How are subscriptions priced?

A big part of how each subscription is priced is 1) the quality and age of the bike and 2) how long you'd like your subscription to run. These are both interconnected in our matching system, with newer and better bikes being priced higher and longer subscriptions receiving a discount. Free Flow charges customers a flat 3% agency fee that is included in the subscription price we list on the website, along with taxes and fees: what you see is what your payment method will be charged each month. 

​What happens if my bike is damaged in a crash?

If you are injured, call 911 immediately. You or a friend should also call the police precinct where the crash took place and file a report with an officer to make sure that all important information is documented.
Within 24 hours of the incident, you must also notify Free Flow of the facts of the crash by filling out aBike Damage Report.

Your bike remains your responsibility throughout the length of your subscription. If you are unable to navigate your bike to your shop for repair, let us know and we'll make arrangements to have the bike picked up. 

​Do I have insurance with my subscription?

No, your subscription does not provide or include an insurance policy. However, a renters or homeowners insurance policy would apply to your bike in the event it is stolen, and Free Flow's Recovery Fee can be counted towards your deductible. Confirm that your insurance policy covers bikes, as some require you to notify them that you'd like your bike covered.

 All of Free Flow's security, protections, and theft deterrents are just that: deterrents. While the likelihood of us recovering a stolen bike is infinitely higher than the average bike, it's much easier if it's never stolen in the first place. We've done all we can to make it an absolute nightmare to steal your bike, but we still need your help to disrupt the global bike theft industry (estimated at over $1 billion).  

Is my personal information safe?

Your privacy and the security of your data is important to us, and you. That's why Free Flow Bike uses secure encryption at all levels of our website to protect your identity and keep your personal information safe.

Regarding your bike, we've put a lot of thought and consideration into the technology and devices we use to protect bikes against theft. We don't track routes, where you go, or what you do with your bike—that's your business. Our hardware lets us know when someone is touching something they shouldn't, when the bike has been stolen or in a crash, or we activate our transmitters in the frame to recover the bike.