Mongoose Malus (2019) 

Fits Riders of Heights: 5'4"-6'4" (162cm-193cm)

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Sleet? Snow? Let's go.
The Mongoose Malus 26-inch fat tire bike has arrived to save you from the doldrums and put a smile on the faces of all those you pass by. Built with 4 1/4-inch tires (earning the name fat) on a supersized beach cruiser frame and there is plenty of clearance to make it rideable on virtually any terrain. Plus, the Malus has 7-speeds with a Shimano rear derailleur and front and rear disc brakes so it still has its vein of practicality. Fat tires are all the rage and the Malus is a great bike to add to your stable, and to get out there and have a little fun on. 

            Mongoose Supersized beach cruiser 26” X 4" knobby tires

            Cruiser design frame with plenty of clearance to conquer any terrain

            Alloy 4" wide wheel set with disc brakes

            7 speed gearing with Shimano rear derailleur

            3 piece cranks and beach cruiser pedals


Fits Riders of Heights: 5'4"-6'4" (162cm-193cm)

Includes Maintenance: Every three months

Can Be Purchased from Shop: Yes, at any time

This Bike Shop:

Overhaul Bikes; Rockford, IL

Overhaul Bikes is a mobile bike shop based out of Rockford, IL serving regions in northern Illinois. Overhaul specializes in mobile maintenance and fleet servicing, using Free Flow Bike to engage with more customers in the Chicagoland area. 

Step 1: Choose your plan